Texas Embroidery (A Mother's Day Craft)

If you are my Mother, please stop reading now. Otherwise, keep going. Thanks! 

I don't know why but Mother's Day gifts almost always stump me.

This year I am determined to start earlier and do better.

First up, a gift for my Mom. And a little background on the project.

The idea for a Texas themed gift for my Mom occurred to me pretty quickly, for a variety of reasons. My sisters and I, along with my Mom, are all simultaneously living here again. My Mom and her sister are hosting our family reunion here this summer. And Texas is just where home is.

I mentioned it before, but I was selected to be the Texas Women Bloggers Blogger of the Month for April. And the theme this month is 'No Rain, No Rainbows'. Part of being the Blogger of the Month is that I get to do some guest posts on their blog. While brainstorming craft idea's I thought of doing a Texas button embroidery craft. And I could do it in a rainbow of colors.

Then the craft for the guest blog post could double as a Mother's day gift. I call that winning.

You can see the full details in my blog post HERE.

Our Easter weekend

The weather was a little uncooperative for our Easter festivities. But even with the rain we had an Easter egg hunt, ate a delicious meal together, and had more than enough Easter candy.

This year the twins wanted to hide the eggs for Littlest Brother. They were so excited to watch him find them. With the rain starting it was more of an Easter egg dash, and really hard to take any pictures, but everyone was all smiles.

Notice the drops of water on the sidewalk in the background?

The older twins did a scavenger hunt. (I found these fun clues online here.) The clues took them all around the house inside and out. The last clue of the hunt led them to their Easter candy.   

My parents hosted Easter this year, and they just got this adorable new kitten. Her name is Hobbes. 

We all got a laugh out of this package of candy. One of these things is not like the others...

Making lunch time fun

Thank you to Fruit Shoot for sponsoring today's post and encouraging me to share creative ways to prep fun lunches for my kids! 

All too often lunch is a rushed event at our house. This week we made a plan to make lunch a little more fun! 

Littlest absolutely adored this compartment style lunch. Tomatoes, celery sticks (with ranch dressing to dip them in, cheese cubes, orange slices, pretzels, and crackers. And to drink? Fruit Shoot Strawberry/Raspberry! 

Oldest Twin got a Ninja theme for his lunch. His favorite sandwich is peanut butter and honey. But to make it a little more fun I used our ninja cookies cutters to make it into a fun shape. 

He is also a big cheese eater, so I used a different ninja cookie cutter (we have a set of three) to cut out his cheese. Add a few orange slices arranged like ninja stars, a couple of cookies, and a Fruit Shoot in Berry Burst and his lunch was ready. 

So what is Fruit Shoot? Firsts of all, it has a no-spill cap! Which makes it perfect to make in your lunch or take with you anywhere. And Littlest Brother can't spill it! 

Fruit Shoot contains real fruit juice with no fructose corn syrup. (Which makes it a better option than other flavored drinks.) The apple flavor, which the kids all liked, contains no added sugar. 

Fruit Shoot comes in fun vibrant colored bottles and four tasty flavors: Orange, Apple, Berry Burst, and Strawberry/Raspberry. My kids, all three of them, loved the ones we tried! 

Here's Littlest, excited to be eating his lunch

Right now, with purchase of Fruit Shoot, there is the option for a free download of an Angry Birds game. Download the Angry Birds game and enter the code on the back of your Fruit Shoot bottle to play!

Now I'd love to hear, what is your kids favorite item in their lunch? Do you have any lunch time traditions? 

Many thanks to Fruit Shoot for sponsoring this post and inspiring me to share fun solutions for my kids' lunches!

Fresh Finds #36

As a handmade shop owner I love promoting handmade businesses. 

Every Friday I share some of my favorite handmade Fresh Finds of the week. 

It's that time of year in Texas where bluebonnets are springing up everywhere.

Those sweet blooms have inspired this weeks Fresh Finds

Bluebonnet Cards // JML Photoworks

Bluebonnet Confetti // Syd's Treasures

Hand dyed Yarn, "Bluebonnet", Worsted Superwash Merino // Little Monkey's Stitch and Spin

Crafty Thursday Obsessions {#16}

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